Focus and Scopes

Jurnal Inovasi Akuntansi (JIA) focuses on the study relevant for the development of theory and practice of accounting in both the public and private sectors. JIA focuses related to various themes, topics, and aspects of accounting written by using various study approach or paradigm, including the following:

  • Financial Accounting;
  • Forensic Accounting;
  • Tax Accounting;
  • Managerial Accounting;
  • Financial Auditing;
  • Behavioral Accounting;
  • Capital Markets Analysis;
  • Accounting-Religion;
  • Public Sector Accounting;
  • Accounting-Culture;
  • Social Responsibility Accounting;
  • Accounting Information System;
  • Corporate Governance;
  • Accounting-Gender;
  • Environmental Accounting;
  • Accounting History;
  • Accounting Education;
  • and Other Areas that Related.