About the Journal

Journal Mission:
Jurnal Inovasi Akuntansi (JIA) is committed to promoting high-quality research in accounting that can make a meaningful contribution to the understanding and development of accounting practice. Through open access, we hope that the knowledge we publish can be freely accessed by anyone, from any background, without financial or institutional barriers.

Focus and Scope:
Jurnal Inovasi Akuntansi (JIA) accepts contributions of scientific articles in various aspects of accounting, including but not limited to Financial Accounting; Forensic Accounting; Tax Accounting; Managerial Accounting; Financial Auditing; Behavioral Accounting; Capital Markets Analysis; Accounting-Religion; Public Sector Accounting; Accounting-Culture; Social Responsibility Accounting; Accounting Information System; Corporate Governance; Accounting-Gender; Environmental Accounting; Accounting History; Accounting Education; and Other Areas that Related. We encourage the contribution of various methodological approaches, both quantitative and qualitative, which can help deepen understanding of current issues in the accounting domain.

Open Access Principles:
Jurnal Inovasi Akuntansi (JIA) adheres to the principle of open access, which means that all published articles can be accessed free of charge by anyone who is interested. We are committed to removing barriers to access related to subscription fees or individual purchases, thereby enabling wider dissemination of knowledge and promoting collaboration between researchers around the world.

Peer Review Process:
Every article that enters the Accounting Journal will go through a rigorous peer review process by experts in the field of accounting. Our editorial team works diligently to ensure that every published article meets high scientific standards. Through this process, we strive to ensure the quality, legitimacy and relevance of published research.

The Role of Journals in Accounting Professional Development:
Jurnal Inovasi Akuntansi (JIA) plays an important role in advancing the accounting profession by providing a platform for researchers and practitioners to share the latest knowledge and experiences. We encourage collaboration between academics, professionals and industry practitioners to drive the adoption of best practices in accounting and contribute to global developments in this domain.

Jurnal Inovasi Akuntansi (JIA) is a scientific journal dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding in the field of accounting. Applying the principle of open access, we seek to bridge the gap between research and practice, ensuring that published knowledge is widely accessible to all interested parties. We invite researchers, practitioners and students to contribute to the Jurnal Inovasi Akuntansi (JIA), encouraging collaboration and exchange of ideas that can shape a better global financial future.