About the Journal

The JADMA Journal is a distinguished multidisciplinary scientific publication that graces the academic calendar with biannual releases in April and October. Recognized at a national level, JADMA focuses on the dissemination of advancements in various fields, including Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering, Dentistry, Economics, Econometrics & Finance, Language, Linguistics, Communication & Media, Law, Crime, Criminology & Criminal Justice. Beyond the conventional realms of academia, the journal serves as a bridge between scholarly pursuits and societal engagement by featuring insights into the legal intricacies and captivating landscapes of its chosen subjects. More than just a repository of academic musings, JADMA invites readers on a journey through the frontiers of knowledge and societal discourse. By showcasing Community Service activities, the journal not only captures regional perspectives but also significantly contributes to the national intellectual dialogue, fostering a dynamic and impactful exchange of ideas and research findings.