Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics

JUIMA: Jurnal Ilmu Manajemen (Journal of Management Science) is managed following the publication ethics of the journal, namely the ethics of managing the journal as a whole concerning Open Access Policy, Frequency Publications, Board of Editor Policy Ethics, Reviewer Policy Ethics, Authors Policy Ethics. Regarding established publication ethics, this journal is published based on OJS, and all published articles go through a review process from the Board of Editors, and a review process from a team of reviewers, both internal and external. Articles published are under the focus & scope of the journal and written by the author based on the Author’s Guidelines and the Journal Template.

Open Access Policy Ethic

This journal is an electronic journal based on an Open Access Journal.

Publication Frequency

The frequency of publication of this journal is two (2) times a year, namely in the period March – April and September – October.

Publication Ethic for Board of Editors:

The publication of articles in this Journal goes through a Peer-Review Process, which begins with a review and review of the journal template by the Board of Editors or the Editorial Board. The Board of Editors, both internal and external, has a track record as a journal manager (editor) whose job is to carefully examine and ensure that the articles being reviewed must meet the Author Guidelines and Journal Templates. This process is carried out by a double-blind reviewer.

Publication Ethics for Reviewers

In this journal, all published articles go through a peer review process carried out by internal and external reviewers who have scientific competence according to the published articles. The reviewer is in charge of assessing the substance of the article, assisting the author through comments and input related to the state of the arts and other relevant substance components. The review process is carried out using a double-blind review. The ethical review process is carried out for the substance of the article, and criticism and input are carried out objectively.

Publication Ethics for Authors

Authors wishing to publish their articles in this journal must follow the requirements presented in the Author Guidelines and Journal Template. Articles originating from research results must present their research methods clearly and accurately. About originality, what is done is through the Turnitin process. The authors listed in the article are all the people who contributed to the article’s writing.