Author Guidelines


Some things that need to be considered for authors in writing are as follows:

Writing Systematics

The manuscript is typed on A4 paper with 1.5 spacing, Book Old Style font, and 11pt with top, bottom, right, and left margins of 2.5 cm. The maximum length of the manuscript is 25 pages, including references and attachments.

Contents of the Manuscript

The initial section: title, author’s name, author’s email address, and abstract (English).

The main section contains the following:

  1. INTRODUCTION - includes the background of a problem, research objectives, and problem-solving plans are presented in this section.
  2. LITERATURE REVIEW AND HYPOTHESIS DEVELOPMENT (IF ANY) - This section contains a literature review that supports the research concept. A literature review is not limited to theory but also empirical evidence. The research hypothesis (if any) must be built from theoretical concepts and supported by empirical studies.
  3. RESEARCH METHOD - The research method describes the activity design, scope or object, place, data collection techniques, operational definitions of research variables, and analysis techniques.
  4. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION - This section presents the research results. Research results can be supplemented with tables, graphs (pictures), and/or charts. The discussion section describes the data processing results, interprets the findings logically, and links them to relevant reference sources.
  5. CONCLUSIONS AND SUGGESTIONS - The conclusion contains a summary of the results of the research and discussion as well as suggestions.

The Final section: symbol description (if any) and REFERENCES.

Research Title and Author Name

The title is printed in capital letters, bold with Bookman Old Style size 11, single-spaced with a maximum of 15 words. The author’s name is written under the title without a title, may not be abbreviated, begins with a capital letter, without beginning with the word “by,” the order of the author is the first author followed by the second, third, and so on. All authors’ college names and email addresses are written under the authors’ names in Bookman Old Style size 10.


Abstracts in English contain the main issues, research objectives, methods/ approaches, and research results. The abstract is written in one paragraph, no more than 250 words. (Bookman Old Style 11, single-spaced and italicized). Keywords: Maximum 5 (five) keywords separated by commas.

Subtitles and Sub-Titles

  • Subtitles are typed left aligned in capital letters using Roman numerals (I, II, III, ..., etc.) without ending with a period. Beginning with a capital letter without ending with a period. Writing sub-titles with Arabic numerals (1,2.3, ..., etc.)
  • Sub-titles are typed left-aligned and all words.

Tables and Figures

Tables and figures are given short and clear titles. The table title is above, while the figure title is below. Each table and figure are numbered sequentially (1, 2, ... etc.).


The bibliography is arranged using the Harvard method, where the references are arranged alphabetically by the author’s name and typed in one space. Everything stated in the manuscript must be referred to in the references. Reference updates are highly preferred.



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