ELYSIAN JOURNAL is a journal with the scope of literary studies, linguistics and English translation published by the English Study Program, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Mahasaraswati Denpasar University (FBA UNMAS Denpasar). This journal is published four times a year accommodating articles written by students of English Study Program, FBA UNMAS Denpasar and other researchers.
The articles can be a reference for young researchers, especially for those who is focused on English Language and Literature.

ELYSIAN JOURNAL is published in February, May, August and November.

Vol 1 No 2 (2021): ELYSIAN JOURNAL: English Literature, Linguistics and Translation Studies

Published: 2021-09-16

Types of Figurative Language in Miley Cyrus’s Songs

Hyperbole and Metaphor

Ni Nyoman Ayu Krisnawati, Ida Bagus Gde Nova Winarta, Ni Nyoman Deni Ariyaningsih


Types And Function Of Code Switching Found In Cinta Laura’s Utterance In Selected Youtube Video

Florianus Ibar, I Made Iwan Indrawan Jendra , Ni Made Verayanti Utami


Sentence Structure of Interrogative Sentences in “After You” Novel

Ni Wayan Yuni Damayanti, I Gusti Bagus Wahyu Nugraha Putra, Putu Devi Maharani


Directive Illocutionary Acts In Best Health Podcast Entitled Talking To Your Kids About Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Mikhael Tri Purnama Petrus Tamang, I.G.A Vina Widiadnya Putri, Ni Nyoman Deni Ariyaningsih


An Analysis Types of Onomatopoeia Words in Batman Beyond Comic

Didi Prihadi, I Gusti Agung Sri Rwa Jayantini, I Wayan Resen


An Analysis of Hyperbole in Drama "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare

Filomena Bian, I Gusti Agung Sri Rwa Jayantini, I Wayan Sidha Karya


The Gramatical Cohesion Used in "The Yak" Magazine

Yulia Indriani, Putu Devi Maharani, I G. B. Wahyu Nugraha Putra


Types of Conversational Maxim Flouted by the Main Characters in Green Book Movie

I Gede Suta Jaya Ambara, Ni Made Verayanti Utami, I Wayan Juniartha


The Types of Non-Observance Maxims Performed by the Main Character in Knives Out Movie

Windu Gunatika, Komang Dian Puspita Candra, Ni Made Verayanti Utami


The Analysis Of Illocutionary Act in Hillary Clinton’s Speech

Lili Fitria Selfina Baok Baok, I Gusti Agung Sri Rwa Jayantini, I Dewa Ayu Devi Maharani Santika


Basic Sentence Analysis of Subject Verb and Complement Pattern Found in 21st Album by Adele

Ni Kadek Sari, Putu Devi Maharani, I G. B. Wahyu Nugraha Putra


Types of Flouting Maxims In A Star Is Born Movie

Mery Kristiani, Ni Made Verayanti Utami, I Wayan Juniartha


Subordinate Clauses In The Boscombe Valley Short Story

Indriyani Ni Komang, Wahyu Nugraha Putra I Gusti Bagus, Deni Aryaningsih Ni Nyoman


Imperative sentence found in Call of Duty Modern Warfare Campaign

Kevin Stephanus, Ni Made Verayanti Utami, Putu Devi Maharani


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