About the Journal

University of Mahasaraswati Denpasar (UNMAS Denpasar) is one of the biggest private universities in Bali and won't be only a spectator in the dynamics of global development and innovation in sciences and technologies. As a university in Indonesia, UNMAS Denpasar is mandatory to implement Tri Dharma Peguruan Tinggi, three obligations of the Indonesian university namely; Education, Research, and Community Empowerment. Generally, UNMAS Denpasar and Postgraduates Program especially, already perform the Tri Dharma Peguruan Tinggi. However, it needs to be enhanced by creating a collaboration at the international level by initiating an international conference entitled “International Conference of Innovation on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development (ICISTSD)”. The general theme of this conference is “Creating a collaboration pathway and enhancing the innovative practice for sustainable development”. This is a good opportunity for the institution UNMAS Denpasar to contribute at the international level. This International conference is expected to be a moment to deliver and share the ideas among the academic community, researchers, and practitioners in the field of management, regional planning development, and environmental sustainability. In addition, this international conference has outputs such as research publication as proceeding and as dissemination of research results