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Keywords: Trilogy principle, Mediation, Alternative dispute resolution


The fast, simple and low cost in litigation process are the hope of justice seeker in Indonesia. Currently the litigation system in Indonesia is quite complicated and requires long proceeding to produce decision which unfortunately still raises the problem of the process of execution of court decisions that are time-consuming and costlyso there is a need for an alternative dispute resolution that provides a more effective and efficient solution for justice seekers in Indonesia. Mediation is a rather good dispute resolution effort compared to litigation process in Court and non-litigation process through Arbitration Institution considering its more flexible nature not based on complicated law rule, fast, low cost and generate win-win solution for the parties.


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Author Biography

Putu Eva Laheri, Vidhi Law Office

The author was born in Amlapura on April 27, 1990. She completed her undergraduate education at the Faculty of Law, Udayana University in 2012 and S2 in the Master of Laws Program at Udayana University in 2015. Currently the writer works as a Lawyer / Advocate in a law office named Vidhi Law Office. The author can be contacted via e-mail [email protected] or mobile number 087861657670.


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