Land Subsidence Monitoring of Jakarta by using SBAS DInSAR Technique with Sentinel1A SAR data

  • Putu Edi Yastika Universitas Mahasaraswati Denpasar
  • Norikazu Shimizu Civil and Environmental Engineering, Yamaguchi University


Jakarta is known as one of the fastest sinking cities in the world. Land subsidence in Jakarta is not a new phenomenon and its monitoring was begun since the 1980s. Several monitoring methods have been conducted for many years (i.e. level survey, gravity method, GPS, and DInSAR) and it is found that the subsidence is ongoing. The subsidence leads severe damages to the infrastructures and increase of flood vulnerability. Understanding the subsidence distribution and the rate is very important. Therefore, subsidence monitoring should be continued. In this study, the subsidence monitoring has been conducted by using the SBAS DInSAR method with Sentinel-1A SAR data acquired during 20142019. The present condition of subsidence is presented in this paper, and the subsidence map is updated. It is found that the subsidence tendency varies from place to place and the largest subsidence occurs in the parts of north and northeast of Jakarta. It also found that subsidence is increasing in several areas.