Community Empowerment in Improving Agriculture and Tourism Integration to Support Village Tourism Development

  • Ketut Sumantra Universitas Mahasaraswati Denpasar
  • I Ketut Widnyana Universitas Mahasaraswati Denpasar


The shift in interest in visiting tourists who initially looked for
trips with the three S concept , namely Sun , Sea and Sand, is now
changing to the three L concept, namely Landscape , Lore and Leisure. Agriculture areal with the panoramic beauty, the life of the people who are still traditional and the products of agriculture that is offered will create a strong demand for traveling to rural areas. On the other hand, the potential for agricultural resources has not been exploited optimally, as is the arrangement of the area. Optimizing the potential of agricultural resources and human resource potential through community empowerment is an alternative. The aim of empowerment is to optimize the potential of human and natural resources to be more effective and efficient through assistance
and support for supporting infrastructure in developing tourist destinations based on culture of agricultural in Subak Lepud. The implementations methods include : a) socialization at the beginning of the activities and each time execution ; b) Training and mentoring ; c) Focus Group Disicussion (FGD). The results of the activity shows that the provision of English language training can improve the knowledge and abilities of tour guides; 2) Agricultural integration through assistance in cultivating crops, livestock and fish can increase farmer’s understanding and ability to optimize agricultural resources; 3) Donation of facilities and infrastructure such as assistance for the entrance gate to the subak trekking route, arranging selfie photo spots and arranging trakking routes can add the beauty and attractiveness of the Lepud Subak area.