Bimbingan Konseling pada Pembelajaran Tatap Muka dalam Menyambut Masa Endemi 2022 di Kelas 3A SD N Ngaliyan 01 Semarang


  • Ima Hikmawati SD N Ngaliyan 01 Semarang


counseling guidance, face-to-face learning, endemic


Class teachers and education staff who have received booster vaccines and the success of vaccines 1 and 2 for children under 12 years of age for all students of SD N Ngaliyan 01 Semarang and following up on the results of the coordination of the Mayor of Semarang with reference to the Basic SE of the 4 Ministerial Decree and the SE Mayor of Semarang, then SD N Ngaliyan 01 starting on March 28, 2022, 100% Face-to-face Learning (PTM) will begin with strict health protocols. This PTM cannot be separated from the efforts of classroom teachers who provide counseling and guidance services to their students in forming students with character even without a BK teacher in the school. This study uses a qualitative method of studying literature to increase the knowledge of classroom teachers who indirectly double as BK teachers. The culture of digitalization during the pandemic for online, hybrid, and PTM classes now leading to endemic 2022 is the concern of classroom teachers in an effort to provide input to schools on the importance of counseling guidance services to elementary school students, especially at SD N Ngaliyan 01 Semarang.