The Intertextuality of the Poems of Tairyou and Osakana by Kaneko Misuzu


  • Fenny Febrianty Program Studi Sastra Jepang, Fakultas Ilmu Budaya, Universitas Komputer Indonesia


Keywords: Intertextuality, Poem, Kaneko Misuzu


The integrity of the meaning of a literary text is not only measured by its structure but also by its relationship to other texts. The text that appears later can be an answer, resistance (negation), criticism or dissatisfaction, shift, addition, idealization, solution, and so on from the text that preceded it (Nino, 2020). This study aims to analyze the intertextual relationship between the poems by Kaneko Misuzu, namely Tairyou and Osakana which depict the same object, namely fish. This type of research is library research with descriptive analysis research methods. The results showed that the intertextuality of Tairyou and Osakana was that Osakana was the answer to Tairyou. The reading of Osakana helps in interpreting the message that the poet wants to convey in Tairyou.