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  • Putu Ayu Paramita Dharmayanti Universitas Mahasaraswati Denpasar
Keywords: writing, descriptive, tell-show, pictures, covid-19


This study was a collaborative study between the lecturers and the pre-service teachers who had done their final projects in the form of bachelor theses in ELESP FKIP Unmas Denpasar. This study focused on the implementation of Tell-Show strategy supported with pictures in online writing classes during covid-19 pandemic in Junior High Schools located in Badung Regency and Gianyar Regency. This study was risen based on the writing problems faced by the eighth-grade students of SMPN 5 Mengwi, of SMPN 2 Abiansemal and of SMPN Hindu 2 Sukawati; andconfronted by the EFL teachers concerning with the shifting trends from offline to online classes during covid-19 pandemic. The subjects of this study were 104 students. To collect the data, the research instruments employed were lesson plans, worksheets, tests, questionnaires and teaching diaries. The platforms used wereWhatsapp, Google Classroom, Google Form and Google Meet and/or Zoom. It was found that Tell-show strategy supported with pictures when being conducted online could improve the students’ descriptive paragraph writing achievement. The students also showed positive responses toward the applied strategy. This study provides empirical evidences about the applicability of Tell-show strategy supported with pictures in online writing classes during covid-19 pandemic.


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